La Negra (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

La Negra is a suspension artist from Buenos Aires. Her emotional and captivating performances will leave you breathless.

Anna and the Annadroids

Anna and The Annadroids create cutting edge multi-media dance productions supported by surreal video projections and original music. These quirky, robotic, doll-like characters dig up mankind’s deepest fears, desires, and unanswered questions and, like a funhouse mirror, present them to audiences to create a portal in which they can look “in.” Anna and The Annadroids are on a mission provoke independent thought and inspire positive change on a greater scale through dance and other multi-media outlets.

Check out their performance at TRAUMA 2017 here!

Javier Fingazz (Santiago, Chile)

Javier from Chile has been dedicated to body piercing for almost 20 years, traveling around the world learning and teaching good practices in this profession. He is currently based between Barcelona and Berlin focused on different projects related to body art and fashion.

Cervena Fox (London, United Kingdom)

International performer all the way from London England, known for her fiery red hair and fox sleeve. Cervena has been modelling for a decade and has expanded her career onto performing & tattooing! She performs with fire, aerial and burlesque! Performing and travelling all over the world touring every country and state! 

PipeDream Fantasy Dolls (Chatsworth, California)

PipeDream is the #1 selling sex toy brand in the world and they’re coming to TRAUMA! Join the immersive experience with their realistic sex dolls and video booth.


ihung works hard to bring safe and clean suspensions and rituals to the world.  We’ve been actively involved in the suspension community since July 2001 and really became heavily involved in 2002.  Our members are continually learning about the technical and personal sides of suspensions/ritualism, and pride ourselves on being the very best we can. We’ve traveled North America to work with many different suspension groups in order to push our knowledge and further the sense of community.

Fantastical Body Art with Bondage Nexus and iHung

Kelly is a self-taught, special effects makeup artist and body painter. She started her makeup journey in 2000 doing theatrically based special effects makeup with the Legion of Terror at Bloodview Haunted House in Cleveland Ohio. Kelly has used her talents as a SPFX makeup artist at various other Haunted Houses over the past 20 years. Kelly has now expanded her work to encompass other forms of body art such as flesh hook suspension and rope suspension. Her goal is to create art that makes you explore all sides of yourself. The Light, the Dark, the Sane and the corners of your mind that you don’t dare explore. This year, we present to you Ascension, the sequel to last year’s show Blood Kiss.


Having 20 years behind the decks as a Dj in Columbus, PUSH has his finger on the pulse of underground house and techno.  He has opened for countless national acts and headlined many parties as well.  Through many years in the past he has been the curator of the Push Tent.  This year he is doing the PUSH dance party… in the basement.
PUSH never disappoints……. See you on the dance floor.

Ghost Gardens

Ghost Gardens is a cast of Columbus, Ohio based musical taste makers with an ever evolving membership of players centered around and founded by Dj Ginsu and Carma.  Known around the region for headlining and rocking a wide variety of parties, events, and styles is at the core of Ghost Garden’s notoriety.  Never playing the same set twice and a mission to deliver more than your average dj/dance event keeps Ghost Gardens fan base growing.  Big energy is what they deliver in every scenario. 


An empowering pop-up celebration of the erotic with a diverse cast of dancers, burlesque performers, kink experts, and more!  

Ginsu Von Mixwell

GVM has been rocking parties and wrecking decks around the midwest with the premiere promoters and party people in the industry since he came out of the gate.  Ginsu is real excited to be returning to the main stage at TRAUMA to host all the fabulous performers, showcases, and party people that make TRAUMA a one of a kind destination event for fans around the world.   


Complicity is the unlikely DJ duo comprised of Coma Coz and Simplicity. It’s old school meets new school. It’s tall meets tiny. It’s laid back dude meets hyper-meticulous female. In music they find a common ground, bringing a sound that is fresh, but refined.

Aaron Austen B2B Johnny Mack

Aaron Austen’s 20 plus years behind the decks has landed him smack dab in the thick of it. Working along side of the biggest names in the industry over the past decade has really fine tuned Aaron’s sets & sounds. What makes Aaron unique is his ability to make house and techno sound appropriate wherever he plays. He has been an instrumental part of promoting and opening for some of the biggest names in the world such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Claude Von Stroke, Steve Aoki, Justin Martin & the list goes on.
After a short break from his son being born His imprint Run614’s weekly house/techno nights have turned some heads in the Midwest. Booking talent from around the world like Mark Farina, Justin Martin, Golf, Clap, Gettoblaster, Dj Dan b2b Donald Glaude, Gene Farris, J Phlip, Kill Frenzy, Dr Fresch, Ardalan, & Bruno Furlan.


Columbus native Michael Poe aka midislut has been a fixture in the underground dance scene for over 25 years.  Moving seamlessly between deep house, house, techno, and leftfield he’s guaranteed to move the floor.  Pure decadence in beats.  


Born the bastard child of an after-bar, post-UDF bender from a bag of CheeseCorn and a Bagel with Cream Cheese, KevyKev burst onto the alt-dancefloor dj grid at the legendary Mean Mr Mustards on Ohio State campus in the mid-80s. 



Based out of Columbus, Ohio,..ToadNuggz is a variety of electronic music : TRAP.. DRUM N BASS ..HOUSE ..BASS MUSIC … GLICTH HOP …TRIP HOP… EXPERIMENTAL !!

The Guilty Pleasures Stage Show

Each year the Guilty Pleasures Stage Show performs hundreds of audience-participation driven scenes for the attendees of TRAUMA. Those who volunteer to be consenting and active participants in sadomasochistic activities, as a part of the performance experience, have an opportunity to learn about various kinky forms of play.

The stage show started out as a live and interactive BDSM performance at a Goth industrial night club located in Columbus, Ohio known as Outland, and is purely volunteer driven. To fulfill the show’s core value that “an educated community is a safer community,” the volunteers serve as resources and mentors to promote active-consent based communication and opportunities to share knowledge with other explores of kink activities.


Bondage by Kevin

Rope carefully wrapped around your wrists and chest. The warm hold of the ropes allowing you to defy gravity. The sensual lick of flame across your back. Or maybe the catharsis of fire cupping. Sound interesting? Maybe even a little … enticing? Come find Bondage by Kevin (BBK) and take a taste of something you didn’t even know you were looking for. BBK is celebrating it’s fifteenth year at TRAUMA; a group of rope bondage and fire enthusiasts, we have been practicing our craft for years, and are ready to give you a dose of our community.  Come walk on the wild side! 


BobbyD and friends present an original Trauma crafted chaotic dance riot musical performance. 

Zoo Trippin’

5 piece blues-rock/funk-hop party band, formed in 2015, from Columbus Ohio. Unmatched live energy and enthusiasm. 


LethalFX is a professional human beatboxer, looper, and producer, known mostly for his intense stage performance and involvement with the American beatbox community. The 32 year old artist, born Ludovic G. Nicolaidis, has been beatboxing for over 15 years and actively performing since 2009. In January of 2017, LethalFX took first place in the 4th Ohio Beatbox Battle, earning the title “Ohio Beatbox Champion”.


I am out of my mind. Somehow I’ve managed to find myself bound to sticks and surrounded by fire… how did this happen? In 2005 I found myself possessed by the darkroom. I shot miles of film before pushing into digital… and I broke my first three point and shoots within 5 months. I started photographing nature in Columbus’ Metro Parks. I got down low, and walked where I wasn’t supposed to. I saw some beautiful things, and I saw tragic messes. Culture was creeping into my landscapes.

ElectroCult Circus Mystery Box 

Electro Cult Circus is an offbeat favorite at regional festivals. An ECC show is a total experience; burlesque, comedy, belly dance, soaring instrumentals and a wall of harmonies.

Troupe Roja (Dayton, Ohio)

Troupe Roja will be performing with ElectroCult Circus. Come join the fun!

Mythic Moves

Mythic Moves is a Columbus, OH based theatrical dance troupe with roots in belly dance.

David Yarosz

David is a Columbus-based but internationally trained trapeze instructor and performer who specializes in single-point/dance trapeze. As part of his ongoing training, he has worked to build relationships with aerialists from throughout the country to bring new expertise and provocative entertainment to Columbus. After making his TRAUMA debut in 2018 as part of a trio piece with Button le Bouton and Sera Csirányi, this year David will be showcasing an original solo performance. You can find David teaching and training at Movement Activities, in the 400 W Rich complex in Franklinton.

Building Blocks: School for Kinksexuals (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Steven / Carnal_Knowledge runs Building Blocks.  Building Blocks is the BDSM education program in Las Vegas.  We offer folks a safe place to learn and play.  Check us out if you want to explore kinks, fetishes, or alternative lifestyles.

Big River (Paonia, Colorado)

Big River is an International Tantra Teacher and Medicine Man. 

Dakini Rae

Dakini Rae practices as a Reiki Master Teacher, Tantra Counselor, Red Tent Priestess, and Wortcunner. She rejoices in educating her community in ways to live in harmony with themselves, with others, and with the Earth. She has completed training and initiation in Taoist Supreme Inner Alchemy, Kashmiri Shaivist Tantra, non-violent communication, consent education, Mahamudra Tantra, Usui Reiki, Spanish linguistics, agriculture, chemistry, and Wise Woman Ways. Her passions include sacred sexuality, shamanism, biodynamic farming, and conservation of native medicinal plants & their pollinators.

Kobi (London, England)

Hi, Im Kobi.  

Im delighted to be bringing more of this work into the world. I have been transfixed and sucked into the water world of Watsu, HealingDance and Waterdance since I first came across it in 2001.

After studying land based massage techniques for a few years I became much more excited by the profound possibilities that warm water provides… and been exploring the wonders of it all ever since. 

For me it perfectly combines my natural affinity with water, continual exploration in the value of trust (in our relating and in all of life generally) and my curiosity for listening to and remembering the wisdom of the body.

Gorm (Stockholm, Sweden)

Sosa (Mérida, Venezuela)

Sosa is from Merida, Venezuela where he started his career in 2001. While in Venezuela, he became a founding member of the first piercing studio in Merida from 2001-2007.

In 2007, Sosa decided to open his own studio. He called it “Siddhartha Tattoo and Body Piercing”. By 2009, due to popular demand, he had doubled the size of his business where he worked happily until he sold his business in order to travel to Mexico.

While in Mexico, Sosa worked two of the top piercing studios in Mexico City – “Estudio 184” and “Tercer Ojo Crew”.

He is proud to say that he is the first Venezuelan member to ever join the Latinoamerica Body Piercers (LBP) and the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). He is currently the social media manager for the LBP.

Sosa regularly travels to attend piercing seminars and conferences.

He enjoys designing one-of-a-kind 14k and 18k gold custom body jewelry, particularly from reclaimed and vintage traditional jewelry.  You can find pictures and videos of these in the “Jewelry” section of the Evolved website!

When he isn’t piercing, he likes to ride his bike and travel.

Lash & Boy Wonder (Denver, Colorado)

Denver Colorado based Lash & Boy Wonder have been in the scene since 2010. Lash’s passions of teaching and hardcore BDSM came together in 2016 when he started holding kinky workshops & performances (ranging from BDSM Safety to Rough Body Play and Interrogation scenes). Together, the Master & slave pair travel the U.S. promoting healthy consensual BDSM lifestyles. 


The Hardest working independent artist with a global appeal, Wallabe “The Reallest” born Walter Brewer, is a Columbus, Ohio native who uses street savvy and self-empowering lyrics to inspire, invoke and motivate his audience. Dominating the underground circuit, Wallabe has sold over 175,000 units from the trunk of his car. Independently he has over 17,000 listens and over 25,000 downloads in thirty days; currently 60,000 downloads quickly surpassing some of the industry’s top selling recording artist, and earning a “Bronze” status on the popular mixtape website www.datpiff.com.

The art of Mikolaj Wlodarczyk (Poznan, Poland)

It is a style without style.

Every material is useful, every technique is good until it leads to the goal. 

In the end only the process is important.

The Ooh-La-Las Burlesque

Our troupe has been putting the “Oh!” in Ohio since 2004, and proudly performing at TRAUMA since 2012! The Ooh-La-Las specialize in high caliber stage shows, burlesque dance education, and performance with a purpose. The capital city’s original flirts!


Linworth fell into the world of rope bondage somewhere around the autumn of 2011.  Maniacally hooked, just one year later she threw herself into the deep end by driving to Toronto for a weekend of meeting and performing with strangers in a performance art exhibition, Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza.  Since then she has gone on stage in that venue as well as others around the States and Jamaica, and is based here in Columbus as an international rope organizer, presenter, and performer.

Tantalizing Tigers

The Tantalizing Tigers is a group of female performing artists who strive for professionalism. Who strive to inspire lovers of art, to bring wonderment and awe to those who seek it and to strengthen the places we love with beauty, thrills and a sense of transcending to new heights.

Our mission is to strengthen the performing arts scene and to make a difference. We strive to be a beacon of strength and confidence and to inspire all women to be themselves and to be comfortable in their own skin.


Columbus Velvet Hearts! Burlesque troupe

The Velvet Hearts! are one of the premier, long-standing burlesque variety troupes in the “Rust Belt” of the Northeast U.S. Founded in 2008 by Viva Valezz!, her Velvet Hearts! are an impressive group of queer burlesque, drag, and sideshow performers from both Columbus, OH,  Pittsburgh, PA and now Cleveland, OH. 

Love Lounge with Igor Earthchild (Tallinn, Estonia)

I’ve been on tantra path since 2011. I make movies about tantra, teach on festivals and workshops. I do bodywork. I’m organising tantra festival High on Life in Estonia. 

Dr. Bumpy and Nurse Laura (Cleveland, Ohio)

For over ten years, Dr. Bumpy and his Sybian have been well-traveled, pleasing the ladies at numerous swing and BDSM events. Dr. Bumpy is always a gentleman and makes riders feel comfortable.  Laura is a sex educator and pleasure coach. A student of Betty Dodson and a Bodysex facilitator, Laura specializes in self-love and sexual pleasure. Websites: https://drbumpy.com/ and http://joyfullyorgasmic.com/


Repent all ye unfaithful! Come to the CHVRCH OF TRAVMA to confess your sins and atone for your transgressions. We offer spiritual guidance, sacred rituals, punishment for evildoers, and forgiveness and absolution for those who earn it. Curry favor with the gods this Hallowe’en at CHVRCH OF TRAVMA.


Find the White Rabbit and Spend your Golden Tickets on UnderLAND a Whimsical Interactive Experience, full of Fun and Intrigue…  
See the following Acts in UnderLAND presented by HighOnSugar614.com (GOLDEN TICKETS are also Valid @ SWEETS &TREATS located in the balcony)
RED TENT REVIVAL with Krista Kitty
THE WITCHING HOUR with Shadowbox live performers 
THE ROYAL COURT of Union Cafe 
Krista Kitty, Ohio’s longest actively performing burlesque artist; Joins forces with the dynamic fem du: Tickles & Pokes (Za Unitt and Julia O’Keefe)to present TRAUMA with “Red Tent Revival”
In 2018 with 30 years experience Tickles & Pokes crested “The RED TENT REVIVAL” Experience in order to end period stigma, educate our community about period poverty and repeal the Pink Tax. A fun, whimsical, and interactive show that’s not to be missed!
Dancing with shadows till the far-side calls to your inner witch and we say hello to the other-side of yourself! Presented by @songsinashoebox & Red Willow
“The Sex Kitten Purrlesque is an inclusive and body positive burlesque troupe from Columbus, Ohio.”
Entertain her royal Majesty Queen Calae and her court with interactive consent base fun and Games… be careful not loose your head or your shirt!

High on Sugar

High On Sugar is an Interactive Entertainment Company producing Fun events with; Comedy & Confections.
Get your Golden Tickets and use them at our Sweets & Treats Bar in the Balcony at TRAUMA 2019!
Get Candy, Popcorn, and More… Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Night; product availability is first come first serve with different options each night.
or use your tickets to Visit UnderLAND; a 30-minute Interactive experience in the Bluestone basement.
High On Sugar is committed to working with non-profits and affiliated fundraisers that focus on the issue surrounding Consent, Women’s Health, and the LGBTQINA communities 

Win your Golden Tickets when you:

-Visit “Out of the Closet” get your 60 second check up; NOW- 11/02
@High Street & Fifth Avenue
-Attend the CONSENT VIDEO Event at “Out of The Closet” to like, comment, and share on these videos in person; on 10/26 & 10/27
@High Street & Fifth Avenue
-CHECK your Phone at the door with Yondr; Trauma a phone free event is giving each attendee a GOLDEN TICKET as a thank you when checking your phone: overyondr.com

Persephone Fey

Through my work I try to explore the relationship between the emerging relationship of burlesque and modern dance. The result of this is my own style which has been thought of as “modburlesque”.
Lately, I have begun a personal journey of discovering different areas of dance, and it has translated into images of classic burlesque that resonates with the whimsical essence that defines the sensuality nature of dance.
My mixed burlesque style presently embodies an idiosyncratic view of the familiar imagery which allows for a connection between nature and the goddess within.

Chocolate Rabbit (Tallinn, Estonia)

Intuitive Tantra

The Mighty Troubadours

The Mighty Troubadours is a collaboration of local performers Chris Swanson, Joey Gardina, Aaron Snyder, Kevin Hagans, and Glenn Rinehart. With a combination of original music and covers, they play a few different styles of bluegrass music. This eclectic mix of styles is unified by the common threads of acoustic settings on mandolin, banjo, guitar, and bass. Their soulful harmonies and “grassy” instrumentation encompass a true Americana style. Subbing in for the Trauma performance is our guest bass player Steven Fox. Fox is an iconic musician leading band like The Spikedrivers, Fox and Hounds and Whisky Sneaks. Steve brings his own style to any musical project with his earth shattering low end. 

The Deeptones

The Deeptones are an 11-piece heavy funk and deep soul ensemble, comprised of veteran Columbus musicians, active in multiple groups in town.  They specialize in original, danceable, groovin’ funk, sometimes soulful, sometimes rockin’, sometimes bluesy, but always funky.  They dedicate a portion of their proceeds to charitable causes, and are committed to consistently moving the community and themselves forward at every turn.  You can check them out at www.thedeeptones.com and they hope to bring you the most moving musical vibes possible!

Day of the Dead Community Event (Mexico-Columbus)

The Hip Art Collective Manifesto

We are discovering the art, craft and cultures of bellydance
by learning, performing and teaching together.
Through our experiences we have come to value:

ARTISTIC COLLABORATION over a single aesthetic
VALUING ALL BODIES over one-size-fits-all 
LEARNING CRAFT FROM EACH OTHER over staying in our own lanes
WORKING TOGETHER over competition

That is, while there is value in the items on
the right, we value the items on the left more.


This punk rock band from Columbus will make you question your existence…

Trojan Whores (Charleston, West Virginia)

This West Virginia-based falsetto grunge group will have you humming their grooves/melodies/lyrics long after you wake the next morning, smelling of cigars and Crown Royal, barely able to remember the final shakes of the previous evening. 

The Trojan Whores are for those unafraid of death, those completely irreverent in the face of adulthood, and those who experiment with their lives for no particular reason beyond existential boredom. 

C 10

C 10 is a Columbus native hip hop artist and music producer.


Tingari electronic music invites you to get out of your head to dance, dream, and be inspired! Infusing traditions of ancient world music with a modern electronic spark, Tingari creates a bridge where old and new dance together. The primal hum of the didgeridoo along with emotive vocals and flute combines with warm bass grooves and danceable beats, weaving a colorful tapestry that takes on a life of its own.

Open Lifestyle Community of Columbus (OLCC)

“Is a safe haven for your mind and body to explore and play with all of your senses” 

Master M & slavepanda

Master M is a trained Master/Dom in the BDSM art of layered pain. With his many tools and floggers, his technique entices the body and mind to release the natural endorphins so that his slave or subs, can achieve a natural high, known as sub-space. 

slavepanda has been in Master M’s service for many years. She is a learned masochist slave always ready and eager to serve her Master.

Together they teach and instruct the community in safe BDSM technics for well over 10 years.  

The Secret Order of the Sacred Sluts

Too many of us today suffer from touch hunger. We need intimate, loving touch in order to thrive, but we live in a culture where touch is often avoided. The Secret Order of the Sacred Sluts are united by our desire to bring loving touch to a touch hungry world.
Our practices stem from those of the sacred whores of the ancient world. These priests and priestesses used the power of intimate touch to create a conduit to the divine. Through the giving and receiving of sacred, loving touch, we create transcendence. The Sacred Sluts are here to bring the ecstasy of connection, and the joy of loving touch to all Seekers.


p!nk heArtbrake

Columbus’ preeminent synthwave DJ, p!nk heArtbrake aka Sky Hill (Cunningham) cut her teeth in the mid 00’s as a resident as Skully’s Music Diner. She boasts 12 years’ experience dishing out the darkest electronic synthwave, coldwave, industrial, darksynth, minimal synth, witch house and more. She can now be found on the decks as a regular guest at “Church Przntz: Cathedral”, “BlackOps”, fetish party “Cold Steel // Black Leather” or any Columbus Synth Collective events. She is also a co-founder and promoter with the Columbus Synth Collective.

Ethan Harsh

Talk less dance more. Co – creator of @justapartyco


BK (formerly of Project Car and Network EDM) is a Thump resident DJ specializing in House/Tech House/Techno.  Years of experience combined with a deep library keeps sets up him up to move many types of floors.  He’s been keeping people dancing with MBFP, Run614 and Push Productions for 10+ years.  

Lord Jay B

Midwest-native Lord JayB is known as a proper orchestrator of the dance floor with his bass-focused House, Tech House and Techno sound.  Keeping the dancefloor fueled throughout the night is JayB’s prime 

objective with a strong focus on the tension and release of his listener’s ear.  His roots growing up in Ohio, Detroit and Chicago provide the backdrop for a musical experience that could only be described as infinite grandeur.


ATOMC was born and raised in Ohio but his music tastes are rooted in European house and techno. Drawn to the groove and energy of proper house music, he first started DJing in 2013 and has been playing at clubs and parties around Columbus for the past 3 years. ATOMC is well known in the Columbus underground seen, playing at clubs and venues including Dahlia, The Bluestone, Cantina and Granero and events like Breakaway and Haunted Fest and opening for huge names such as Chris Lake, Nora En Pure, Justin Martin, Chus & Ceballos, Burno Furlan and more. He prides himself on expertly building the energy level on the dance floor and maintaining it throughout his sets. Crowds are always left dancing and never left disappointed.

Jeff White

Jeff started DJ’ing in 99 when a friend introduced him to 1200s.  After that he was hooked.
Jeff was influenced early on by Scott Henry, John Kelly, Donald Glaude.  
Jeff strays between Tech House, Bass House and Ghetto Tech. 

Beat Poet (Cincinnati, Ohio)

 Beat Poet has been a steady source of groove since 2002.  Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, she has brought her funky sound to dancefloors across the Midwest.  Her musical journey began at a young age, playing the drums and singing since she was a young child.  During college she found her love for all things electronic, particularly House music.  Her sets are on the funkier side of house, infused with Disco, Funk and Jazz influences.  She aims to get your booty shaking and your feet moving.  

Lady Bandit (Dayton, Ohio)

Taking turntables as a debt in 2002, Lady Bandit fell upon this opportunity to DJ, so she took it!  Beth said the only way she’d ever stop DJing would be if she stopped having fun or stopped progressing. Now, 17 years later she’s still bangin’ out dance floors throughout the Midwest and beyond. This Lady is known as the “Midwest Breakbeat Queen” and a native of Dayton, Ohio. Her style can be defined as “Sexy Beats” whether it’s Breaks, House or Drum & Bass! Miss Bandit makes sure to always keep the basslines dirty and the beats funky.

derelict spacecraft

derelict spaceraft is Matt Cremean, formerly of the House duo networkEDM/Project Car. His tastes have recently gravitated in a different direction. Inspired by Movement and its afterparties, he’s begun to embrace Techno. Drawn to the deep boom and atmospheric sounds of acts like Nicole Moudaber, Adam Beyer, Spektre and Pleasurekraft, derelict spacecraft offers a stark departure from his House roots.  No subwoofer is safe.

THE BAT (Long Beach, California)

 Long Beach, California native, The BAT has been making underground noise for 3 decades with dynamic stage performances & his uncanny but familiar lo-fi instrumentals. Former front man of the Los Angeles based group, Gotham Asylum 225 & F.I. Division, The BAT goes full throttle in his solo efforts releasing 6 albums in 4 years. His latest album, ‘Alma Libre’ (found on all streaming services) is an instrumental album but all the song on it has lyrics that he performs live & it’s the only way you’ll ever hear them. 

The Fallen

The duo of James Johnson (aka Plural, Kukri) and Kevin M Kennedy (FBK, The Sleep Engineer) perform as THE FALLEN-one of the most intense, improvised and heavy techno live performances you will ever witness.  Separately, both have achieved international acclaim for their respective solo works on some of the most iconic labels in the world like Metroplex, MDR, Rekids, and Generator Records.  Together, this world-traversing duo have created a hypnotic, at times destructive sound that recently was featured on France’s Decision Making Theory label.  The two combine their respective talents to bring a level of energy, funk and heaviness unparalleled in today’s dance scene-Brothers in arms who think and work as one to make dance floors around the world move to their relentless beat.

The Witching Hour

Dancing with shadows till the dark-side calls to your inner witch and we say hello to the other-side of yourself! Presented by @songsinashoebox & Red Willow

Red Tent Revival

Krista Kitty, Ohio’s longest actively performing burlesque artist; Joins forces with the dynamic fem du: Tickles & Pokes (Za Unitt and Julia O’Keefe)to present TRAUMA with “Red Tent Revival”
In 2018 with 30 years experience Tickles & Pokes crested “The RED TENT REVIVAL” Experience in order to end period stigma, educate our community about period poverty and repeal the Pink Tax.
We will deliver this message in a fun, whimsical and interactive show that’s not to be missed! 

Sex Kitten Purrlesque

The Sex Kitten Purrlesque is an inclusive and body positive burlesque troupe from Columbus, Ohio.

Crew Duff

No stranger to a dance floor, Crew Duff takes pleasure in weaving selections together to take listeners on an auditory voyage that demands their collective physical movement. Choosing tracks from many different flavors of house music, one can expect to hear growling bass, buzzing synths, vocal samples ranging from the profound to the absurd, and plenty of drums. Wherever and whenever he’s put to the task, Crew loves to grab the attention of listeners with his eclectic taste. Previous engagements include the inaugural year of First Chair Festival in Salt Lake City (Too $hort/Boombox), 3 summers at Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival, and recurring appearances at an establishment in Columbus, OH. Having also played in many locales which were not exactly intended for a DJ (a cabin deep in the woods, lots of dusty basements, and a countertop overlooking Las Vegas Blvd are memorable), he always aims to please no matter the circumstances.   

Dove Massage Studio


I’m Heidi.

My practice, Dove Massage Studio, centers around trauma informed care. 

I’ve spent years learning to live peaceably in my own body whilst battling my own hyperactive nervous system. 

It’s become my mission to help others on their journey to living as comfortably as they can in their bodies. 

I’m honored to be on hand during set up and rehearsal to provide massage therapy and massage cupping to all the the talented folx who make Trauma happen. 

Cody the Clown

Phoenixx Enterprises

Phoenixx Enterprises strives to support and protect the LGBTQIA+ community, first and foremost. We recognize that even in 2019, there is little trust put into the security  and safety of our community, especially when companies and entities that are sworn to protect us are not run by people like us. We are trans owned and operated so we have lived our lives with similar concerns as our siblings in the queer community. We understand the want and need to be protected by people who can personally relate to the struggles in the life of a person of color, feminine presenting persons, queer identity, and much more. We have worked events of many sizes from small, private parties to Columbus, OH Pride held by Stonewall Columbus. There is nothing we take more seriously than making sure our clients feel safe and secure.”
“Our First Responders Class will go over many key actions that you should AND should not take if you are the first on the scene of an incident. This class is lead by one of Columbus’s best certified active EMT Paramedics who uses these practices each and every day. We will go over step by step of how to assess, process, and handle certain situations for events of your caliber. Each class is tailored specifically for the type of event you will be participating in but these skills will also come in handy for many other situations in life. Additionally, we will be discussing the types of things you may be exposed to when working with the general public and what you need to do to protect yourself from harm. Can’t wait to see you all in class!