What are the precautions taken for Covid-19?

Mask are optional for the event.

Where is TRAUMA being held this year?

United Methodist Church
2350 Indianola Ave Columbus, OH 43202

What are the dates for TRAUMA 2022?

TRAUMA will be from 8pm – 1am

Thursday, October 27th

Friday, October 28th

Saturday, October 29th

What are the themes for this year?

Thursday is an intimate night with a theme of “Dress Rehearsal”

Friday’s theme is “Primal Playground”

Saturday’s theme is “Anunnaki”

How can I buy tickets?

Can I pay with cash at the door? 


Is parking available?

There is limited street parking. Please carpool and/or Uber/Lyft/Taxi!

If street parking, are there areas where one can not park?

Please be respectful of our neighbors, their homes, their garages, etc.

Is there a coat check?

There will be free access to coat racks. Please keep all valuables with you.

Is food and or beverages available?

There will be adult beverages from Seventh Son, water, and specialty nonalcoholic drinks from Casa Cacao. There will be snacks available as well.  All prices will be clearly posted at the venue.

 Is re-entry allowed?

For everyone’s safety, we will be enforcing a strict no reentry policy.

What type of restrooms are provided?

There will be small bathrooms on each floor. The main floor is ADA accessible.

What is the party atmosphere like?

We invite everyone to come with an open mind. We aim to create a community based on respect and self care.

What kind of costumes are required / allowed?

We ask that everyone wear a creative and respectful costume.  There is a $50 dumb tax for people choosing to attend without a legitimate costume.

Is cigarette / vapor smoking allowed?

There is a small outdoor patio.

Are there changing areas / mirrors for make-up available?

Please arrive in costume. The bathrooms are limited space.

What if I need my phone for medical purposes while at the venue?

Please care for yourself. Our staff will likely check in with you to make sure you are not using your camera.

What if we want to take personal pictures of ourselves while at the venue?

Please do not. One of the biggest points here is anonymity for our attendees who come from all walks of life and enjoy the ability to attend an event without worrying about photography.  Every year we carefully select a group of photographers who are available and happy to photograph you while also following all of our guidelines.

Will there be any strobe lightning?


What kind of activities are at the venue?

You may get an idea by perusing our website. Each year we hold different activities!

What are the policies for public-display-of-affection (PDA)?

We encourage open, clear consent from and between all attendees.

What if we need a ride home / designated drivers: Taxi / Uber / Lyft etc. from the venue?

Uber/Lyft/Taxi please! If you drive, please be super considerate of the neighbors and remember where you parked to avoid walking around looking for your car!

Is there a benefit to pre-purchasing tickets?

The main benefit to pre-purchasing tickets is to expedite your entry.