Are we required to wear masks?

We are going to follow whatever mandates are in place on October 29th and October 30th. 

Are you checking vaccine cards?

We aren’t going to be asking anyone about their vaccine status. If you are uncomfortable with being indoors, we will have a large outdoor area for guests to spread out. 

Are you going to require that everyone maintains a 6-foot distance from each other?

As always, consent is key at TRAUMA. We would never force someone to do something they’re uncomfortable with. This is why we are going to have plenty of outdoor areas and encourage all of our partygoers to be respectful of those wishing to maintain their distance while still having a good time!

Where is TRAUMA being held this year?

We are excited about the venue change! Our new venue has a large outdoor area that will provide us with lots of open air and lots of new opportunities for creative expression. 
TRAUMA 2021 will be held at: Red Tree Arts & Music Venue, 904 North 22nd Street Columbus, OH 43219

What are the dates for TRAUMA 2021?

TRAUMA will be Friday, October 29th from 9pm-2am and Saturday, October 30th from 9pm-2am.

What are the themes for this year?

Friday’s theme is “PICK YOUR DECADE” and Saturday’s theme is “PICK YOUR PUNK”

How can I buy tickets?

Pre-sale tickets are available for purchase online, while they last. You can get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/trauma-2021-tickets-182819828027