Joe Fadden

Ohio photographer who loves capturing everything from eclectic dance performances to the moon and stars.

Ami Mills

Ami Mills brings a unique perspective to art photography. Her stunning style uses the lighting and shadows around her to showcase breathtaking moments in time.

Ashley Voss

A true insomniac artist with a portfolio deeper than conspiracy theory. 

Benjamin QwkSilver

Expert in all things kinky and geeky…

Bo Maupin

Commercial/Freelance photographer in Columbus, Ohio. I started with a film camera back in highschool. A rekindled interest many years later has lead to a new career path and a newfound outlet for creativity. 


Hi there, and welcome!  bortmasphoto is art and culture event photography. we love dance, and other performance based antics, as well as portraits, photo booths and fancy parties.

Courtney and Sam

Early in 2021, Courtney sadly passed away very suddenly. We will miss seeing him at TRAUMA and wish the best for his family.

Cory Robbins

taking pictures, going to shows, what else is there?

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Dan Repicz

Dan Repicz has been a TRAUMA photographer for years now!

David Hooker

Photographing the Avant-Garde, David Hooker takes seemingly ordinary things and makes them extraordinary.

Dave Toth

Ohio photographer, graphic designer & master of sarcasm. 

Hillary Kleptach

Hillary Kleptach is an artist and photographer from the small town of Alliance, Ohio. She has an intensive background in fine art and illustration and graduated from The Columbus College of Art and Design in December 2014 with a BFA in Photography. She is passionate about nature, architecture, portrait, and fine art photography, and has a great interest in photojournalism.

Jim George

Jim George has photographed everything from everyday moments to incredible events.

Matthew Bonder

Let’s tell a story.

Nicole Cox

Let’s make art together.

Pup Dozor

Event and random photography.

Tiffany Detzel

Shooting the sound in Columbus and all around. 

Real FX

RealFx has been in business for nearly 3 years bringing fun filled entertainment to Northwestern Ohio. Specializing in Horror and Themed photography, lingerie, and event filming- RealFx brings the most out of the quality in life. Affiliating with ZtoTv and Peragon Perceptions we have a team that work together as a family that brings us the very best when it comes to entertainment venues, Interveiwing celebrities, artists and comedians.

RL Carr Photos

Photographing events and concerts all around Columbus.

Robert Walker

I’m Robert Walker, the artist. I opened RW2 Gallery in 2004, and have been living professionally off my art, full-time, ever since. I draw largely from my experiences and imagination. I like to smoke a joint, listen to music, and let my mind wander until that eureka moment hits and the magic happens!

Scott Heffner

My name is Scott Heffner.  My passions are photography and graphic design.  In 2013, I founded Heff’s Studio & Design to provide a comprehensive range of photographic services and innovative design graphics.  At Heff’s Studio & Design, we specialize in combine these art forms to create powerful, high-impact photographic imagery and graphic designs for our clients.  Our compelling visual compositions can be edgy, yet practical, or eye-popping to stop viewers in their tracks, or even subtle enough to capture the most tender, heartwarming moments.


An event to remember.

Suophoto is an event photography studio established in Columbus, Ohio in 2008. In addition to special events and gatherings, Suophoto provides a wide range of products from family portraits to model photography.

Shadow Services

Shadow Services is a diverse photography collective with emphasis on the creative elements provided by Commercial, Portrait, Wedding, and Event Photography, as well as tailoring imagery specific to our client’s vision.

Tammy Criner

Let’s discover the creative ways we can work together! From wedding and portrait photography to custom pet portraits, I look forward to helping you cherish what you love most.

ZTP Magazine

I am a musician at heart, and always wanted to be as close to the music industry as possible. I love the atmosphere of live music, as well as all of the creativity of pro level music videos. My second love is photography and all things associated, and so, Zombie Tapdance was born!

David Heasley

He mostly photographs sports, theatre, concerts, opera, club/DJ events and various other kinds of events. David is currently the House Photographer for Promowest Productions (Express Live!, Newport, Basement, A&R Music Bar as well as the various festivals they put on). He is also photographer for many bands and theatre companies in Central Ohio.
In 2016, David became the Staff Photographer for PANDA (Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association) providing event coverage at several parties, meetings and other things throughout the country. 

Tony Bentivegna

There is something magical about connecting with people as a photographer – there is nothing else quite like it.

James R. Parker Photography

Photo-based art that runs the gamut from fashion to horror. Not liking what you see? Wait 10 minutes; it’ll be different 🙂

Billie Stafford

Bloody Messy Girls was founded by Billie Hecate Stafford in 2006, photographing ladies covered in Blood in Columbus, Ohio. Over the years BMG has grown with many models and photographers from all over the U.S.A

Rachael Barbash

R.E. Barbash specializes in live music photography, weddings, and portraits. Fan of David Bowie.

Robert Berry

Owner of Mr. Berry Photography.

Nebuleux, LTD

Nebuleux is the idea that our soul influences everything in our work. In that, there is no limit to what one can achieve.

Chase Henderson

Chase Henderson grew up on a mountain near Charleston, WV. Lacking human contact he was forced to create his own world and talk about himself in the third person for entertainment. He went to Marshall University to study computers and writing, but mostly computers. Burdened with this knowledge he moved back to Charleston where he lives with his wife and peddles his dark arts of system administration. Sometimes when the moon is full you can hear him howling at his laptop battery in local cafes.

Leonardo Carrizo

I’m a multimedia photojournalist who specializes visual storytelling for a wide range of publications,  individuals  and organizations including non-profits and NGOs. 

Anita Kwan

Specialty in visual storytelling. Capturing raw moments. And creating something meaningful.

Hola! TV-2 People

Hola! TV is a cable television channel created by Atresmedia and ¡¡HOLA! Magazine, available in the United States and Latin America. HELLO! TV is a visual extension of the magazine HELLO! with exclusive access to human interest stories, exclusive interviews, fashion, royalty, celebrities and lifestyle.

Rosis Highwater

Rosis Highwater has spent over 10 years doing translation and interpretation for Japanese businesses and events.

She provides translation and interpretation services, event photography from Japan as well as kink/fetish events.

She is LGBTQ friendly, and has an extinsive background in kink and bondage.

Rare Intimacy Photography

A cubicle monkey by day, a caffeine-addict by habit, and the caretaker of a charming cat by good fortune. I can bore you silly with talk of architecture, documentary films, gardening, photography, music, and the South (from whence I hail).

Jeff Hagood

Capturing incredible moments.